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After Canada Customs clearance takes place, C & L Container Logistics Ltd  can redistribute products to your ultimate consignees or act as your warehouse.

For an importer that needs instant break-bulk and redistribution, C & L Container Logistics Ltd can customize a logistics program to meet your needs.  This unique program allows for flexibility and adjustment and gives you complete control of your products to the point of customer receipt. 

The redistribution enhancement service allows you to concentrate on sales and marketing while C & L Container Logistics Ltd gives your product local representation. 

Below are some specific redistribution services C & L Container Logistics Ltd offers:

· Minimize your local investment
· Warehousing
· Dispatch & Follow up
· Customer Delivery
· Redistribution to your regular consignee
· Rapid response to your unique needs 

 C & L Container Logistics Ltd understands provide reliable service and on time arrangement is the key for our customers’ need therefore we will customize our operations to meet customers’ need.